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Notes to myself

Today, I attended the introductory webinar in the course ONL162.

I did like the use of different views in Adobe Connect and the demonstration of different possibilities to gather thoughts and information from the people following the course.

I did not like all the activity with people saying stuff like ”Hi, good to see you here NN” and so on. I found it hard to focus on the actual content of the course and my own thoughts. I wonder how one can avoid that kind of activity?

New note (161115):

Another thing I definitely will not use is the tweet chat, it was awful I think, with nobody listening and everybody shouting at the same time – not my medium!

What I would like to explore:

  • How to set up a course environment like the one used for this course with everything linked from a head page
  • How to set up an Activity tracker, which I really like a lot!
  • The use of Moovely for making videos – tried and liked it 🙂

More (161115):

  • The idea of letting the students contribute to Wikipedia in a collaborative group assignment.
  • The use of RealtimeBoard for the students group work. (Tried it out for Topic 4, and got a very messy and unclear board as a result, need to evaluate more before using)
  • Scalable Learning-type tools to use with my lectures.




I am following a course in Open Network Learning at KTH. This blog is for reflecting over the content and activities within the course.


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