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Topic 1: Connecting – Online participation and digital literacies

I have not been able to participate very much during the last two weeks of the course due to other obligations, but my reflections so far include that it is hard to organise and find what I should do, read, concentrate on, and so on. When I have a little time over and want to spend it on the course, I end up just looking around and reading something here and there in a very unorganised fashion – maybe because I am digitally illiterate ;-). When one has a course book, it is so much easier to use a half an hour here or there to read or solve problems and then just pick up where you were at the next occasion. Here, so much happens when you are busy doing something else, and I find it difficult to select what to focus on, and I spend more time than I would like to just looking for stuff.

I am definitely a visitor in the digital age, and feel very uncertain as to if I want to become anything else. I like the instant access to online help when using different tools and I am not really shy, I’m just not comfortable sharing my thoughts with whoever it might be. For collaboration or sharing work I think there are some excellent tools with I am happy to use, but I like to keep my personal life separate from my professional life, for example I don’t want to be friends with my students on Facebook and I don’t want them to know what is going on in my private life, nor do I want to know anything about their personal lives, except if they explicitly decide to share it with me.

I hope that ONL will help me to find new ways to connect with my students online but still in a professional way. So far, I used Moovly [1] to make a short animated film from an interview about starting university with some of my students, and it worked well. I would also like to share another tool called Socrative [2] with you. I use it in my course and it helps to engage the students!

  1. 2016-10-14
  2. 2016-10-14





I am following a course in Open Network Learning at KTH. This blog is for reflecting over the content and activities within the course.

2 reaktioner till “Topic 1: Connecting – Online participation and digital literacies

  1. Hi Kaye,

    I think it´s interesting as write about how it´s hard get started with specific tasks in the course.
    As you write, when you study in a course book, there is often easy to follow a specific subject or to study on specific problems.
    In this course its different, but a think that is something that needs to improve. Maybe we could have more open questions so you always feel that there is something specific to solve.




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